Performing I’m Into You at S.O.TERIK at SXSW 2012.

Chet Faker is the artistic pseudonym of Melbourne musician (and fan of Chet Baker!) Nick Murphy. Currently on tour for the 2013 Laneway Festival, Chet has had a big year performing at the Meredith & Splendour Festivals in Oz, and SXSW in the States.

His first EP Thinking in Textures features 7 tracks full of soul and intimacy that is a pleasure for your ears and as an EP is a total bargain for your wallet! I’m Into You is just one of the great songs on the EP.

Thinking in Textures has received widespread acclaim and even scored the Best Independent Single / EP at the AIR Independent Music Awards in 2012. He is due to release a live EP which will include a new single – a cover of Burial’s Archangel.

Sydney musician Flume has also announced a new single Left Alone to be released on 18 February 2013 which features guest vocals from Chet Faker. Check out the tune at YouTube.

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