Performing Dry Bone Valley at Rock in Rio – Lisbon, 2012

Featuring four amazing musicians, three of which share vocals – this is not your regular metal band. Mastodon really deserve to be huge in the metal/rock/prog world as they are currently at the top of their game.

A friend recently declared that his favourite album of 2012 was The Hunter by Mastodon. The album was officially released in September 2011. It is that good!

Mastodon spent a bit of time touring with Alice in Chains before writing The Hunter, and subsequently wrote Dry Bone Valley which is in the vain of Alice in Chains.

Go and get yourself a Mastodon album. I highly rate Crack The Skye – a tribute to drummer Brann’s little sister Skye who committed suicide when she was 14. It also includes a song about Rasputin – what’s not to like about that?

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