Season 1 Extra – The Making of a Future Classic [Michael Cera pulls out a lovely insult for Jason Bateman]

The Bluth family return this May when Netflix plan to air all 14 new episodes of Arrested Development (Season 4). Each episode will focus on one character of the family as filming the entire cast proved too difficult due to their other commitments.

There will be returning guest cameos from Ron Howard’s buddies Henry Winkler (The Fonz!) and Scott Baio (good ol’ Chachi), and Judy Greer (playing Kitty), and they’ve even got Liza Minnelli back as Lucille. Pure Joy!

If you haven’t caught any episodes of the best written tv comedy – what the hell are you waiting for? You will fall in love with each and every member of the Bluth family if you give it half a chance. I personally fell for the show as soon as they introduced Michael Cera’s character as George Michael. Who names their child after George Michael?

Still not convinced? Okay, let’s read out the roll call and their comedy pedigree:

  • Will Arnett (Gob)30 Rock, Blades of Glory, Semi-Pro (ex-hubby of Amy Poehler, you know of wonderful Parks & Recreation fame?)
  • Jason Bateman (Michael) – Juno, Paul, Horrible Bosses (brother of Justine Bateman from Family Ties!)
  • Michael Cera (George Michael) – Superbad, Juno, Year One (also moonlights as a bass player in an indie rock band)
  • David Cross (Tobias) – stand-up comedian & writer (bonus comedic points!), Modern Family, The Colbert Report, A Day in the Life of Nathaniel Hörnblowér (Adam Yauch [Beastie Boys] directed short film)
  • Portia de Rossi (Lindsay) – Better Off Ted, Scream 2, Ally McBeal … okay, not a fantastic pedigree – but give the Aussie a break, she’s from Geelong (she’s funny enough for Ellen DeGeneres)
  • Jeffrey Tambor (George Snr)The Larry Sanders Show, The Hangover, Archer (apparently might have been in Everybody Loves Raymond if not for Brad Garrett)
  • Jessica Walter (Lucille) – Archer, Just Shoot Me (was the preferred choice to play Alexis Carrington in Dynasty but Joan Collins got that bitchy role)
  • Tony Hale (Buster) – Community, Chuck, Veep 
  • Alia Shawkat (Maeby)Three Kings, was in Har Mar Superstar’s music video for Tall Boy, wrote a tv show with actor Ellen Page (Juno) called Stitch N’ Bitch! (also sings in indie punk & jazz bands)

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  1. I´m half way through the second series. Also on the last season of The Larry Sanders Show. Jeffrey Tambor is an amazing character actor by the way.

    • noisynoodle says:

      Enjoy, hopefully you can finish season 2 & 3 before May! I really loved him in the Larry Sanders Show and whenever he pops up in Archer with Jessica Walter.

      • Yep, although I´m desperately waiting for a few other series to start up again (Game of Thrones, Treme, Boardwalk Empire, Breaking Bad), so at least it gives me something to watch in the meatime. 🙂 Yep, he´s completely different in Larry Sanders too. Haven´t seen Archer, but will check out some of it.

      • noisynoodle says:

        Likewise, can’t wait for more Breaking Bad! I hadn’t heard of Treme before you mentioned it – sounds interesting, although it took us years to get The Wire in Australia.

  2. Reb says:

    Has it started? I was a huge fan of Arrested Development back when it aired and I was so sad when they cancelled it. (Somehow, half of my favorite shows get cancelled down the line…) Guess I’ll log in and go check 🙂

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