A scene from Series 8 of Peep Show featuring Jeremy and his new life coach.

I was first introduced to the brilliant comedians Robert Webb and David Mitchell via their sketch show That Mitchell and Webb Look a few years ago now. I think the first sketch I ever saw from the show featured the best TV game show in history that you can play along to at home – Numberwang. I know you want to play!

Their sketch show was pretty damn good, very clever and self-referential. Particularly, in the last segment which involved a behind the scenes look at Robert Webb the “actor”. Besides who the fuck could not love the insanity of the character Sir Digby Chicken Caesar?

Mitchell and Webb somehow managed to create That Mitchell and Webb Look for a few years while still writing for Peep Show which was aired in 2003. I’m glad they did as Peep Show is somehow more crazy – if that’s even possible. The strange look of the show has to do with the interesting choice of camera work.

Each scene is filmed from the visual perspective of one of the characters. Generally, it’s the perspective of the two main characters, uptight Mark (David Mitchell) and slacker Jeremy (Robert Webb).

They share a flat and lead a generally troubled existence. Jeremy trying to make a living scraping by on whatever job he can find, sleeping around with lots of chicks and falling in and out of love (mostly out of love); and Mark leading a traditional boring existence of going to work and hating everyone in the office while falling in and out of love.

It sounds fairly tame but it’s oh, so rewarding. The cleverness behind the camera view is the ability to use the character’s intimate thoughts as comedy gold – you know, the stuff they should only think but never utter out aloud.

My favourite character Super Hans is played by another talented comedian Matt King. As Jeremy’s musician buddy and as the resident crack head he definitely has the best lines in the show.

Peep Show: Series 8 is currently being aired on the ABC 2 in Australia and is a must see comedy.

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