Cancer Bats performing Hail Destroyer live at ABC Glasgow, 2008

I was very much looking forward to seeing the Cancer Bats perform live at the Soundwave Festival this year in Melbourne. Thankfully, they did not disappoint!

Cancer Bats were fucking awesome! My favourite band of the day (sorry Metallica). They have an amazing live energy and they showed a lot of respect for the crowd.

They acknowledged that the audience could have been watching a half dozen other bands at the same time, but that the several hundred people that were watching Cancer Bats chose to be there with them.

If you haven’t heard any Cancer Bats before they are a hardcore Canadian band who love to mix punk with rock. They have a band alter-ego in the form of Bat Sabbath, a hardcore tribute to Black Sabbath!

They have been playing together as a band since 2004 and it shows in their quality live performance. Cancer Bats played their hearts out as if they were performing on the main stage.

I quite enjoyed being able to see the band up close on a medium sized stage and in a large tent that was shielded away from the interference of the wind, which was plaguing the sound of the outdoor stages.

I super enjoyed hearing Road Sick, Hail Destroyer, and Bricks and Mortar live, and watching the lead singer Liam egg on their fans in the circle pit.

They also played their punk version of the Beastie Boys classic Sabotage (my all-time Beasties fav), which went down a treat with the audience.

At the end of the show they took a photo of the crowd for posterity… which I’m a fan of as it makes me think the band *actually* cares!

+100 bonus points for Cancer Bats! Not that I’m counting or anything…

Melbourne Soundwave Setlist:

  • Pneumonia Hawk
  • Shillelagh 
  • Bricks and Mortar 
  • Pray for Darkness 
  • Lucifer’s Rocking Chair 
  • Road Sick 
  • Drunken Physics 
  • Sorceress 
  • Sabotage (Beastie Boys cover)
  • Trust No One 
  • Hail Destroyer 
  • R.A.T.S.

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P.S. Thanks to all the bands that took photos of us in the crowd at Soundwave! Sorry, if I looked like a little lobster.

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What do you think of Cancer Bats? Or do you prefer Bat Sabbath?


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