Video: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 5 Merchandising

‘It’s Seinfeld on crack’ – FX. I can’t sum it up any better myself!

I first caught It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia late one night during an early episode with a seriously wrong plot twist that had me in stitches. From then on I knew I was hooked!

The problem was Channel 7 in Melbourne was throwing the show about at all sorts of hours of the morning (midnight to 4am no less), so it was hard to keep track of the show’s episodes. It’s pretty much exactly how they decided to screw Arrested Development out of an audience.

Any wonder these hilarious shows find a lifeline on DVD or downloads. They deserve a big audience. Granted, Always Sunny doesn’t always make for clean TV!

I love all the crass antics of “the gang” – “Mac” Ronald McDonald(!), Charlie Kelly, Dennis and Dee Reynolds (played by Rob McElhenney, Charlie Day, Glenn Howerton, and Kaitlin Olson), and all the crazy plot twists with their mad parents. The gang own Paddy’s Bar in the seedy side of Philadelphia which provides a perfect location for weird shit to occur.

Dennis and Dee are twins; both are identically narcissistic! Dennis thinks his a ladies man, and Dee wants to be a famous actress. Danny De Vito plays the part of trigger happy Frank Reynolds, Dennis and Dee’s “legal” father.

Mac is Dennis’ sometimes roommate, and high school buddy – he is always flexing his muscles and acting tough. My favourite character is the completely insane, Charlie – who is Mac’s old school buddy and Frank’s sometimes roommate and is always screaming his head off. He is easily obsessed, many times with the same waitress (played by his real wife – Mary Elizabeth Ellis).

The show has given us the wonders of Green Man (Charlie in a lovely green lycra suit), Trash Man (Frank as a mad wrestler) and Rickety Cricket the homeless guy they treat very poorly.

Some of my favourite episodes revolve around the bar dance off (The Gang Dances Their Asses Off); the gang being held hostage in the bar by 3 crazies (The Gang Gets Held Hostage); Mac and Charlie getting stuck in a swimming pool (Mac and Charlie: White Trash); Mac and Charlie running from Mac’s dad who’s out of prison (Mac & Charlie Die: Part 1 & 2) and the gang buying a new boat that Charlie loves eating the barnacles off (The Gang Buys a Boat)!

Always Sunny is produced by McElhenney, Day and Howerton and it shows. Nobody else could get this madness up to TV execs via the normal channels! The group started filming on a tiny budget rumoured to be somewhere between a meagre $85-$200! Sometimes, their mate Fred Savage (aka Kelvin Arnold) from The Wonders Years even pops in to produce!

McElhenney is so dedicated to Always Sunny that in 2011 he piled on 25 kilos to fatten up his character of Mac. He claims he wanted his character to look more dishevelled with time, rather than looking glamorous as stars are known to do as their pay packet increases. He also wanted the cast to refer to him as “Big Mac”!

I’m very disappointed I missed the gang take their epic Season 4 closer episode The Night Man Cometh to the stage in 2009! Maybe I’ll just have to one day get to Philadelphia to visit “Mac’s Tavern” a bar purchased by offscreen partners McElhenney and Olson…

Will you be wanting your kitten mittens now?

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Which Paddy’s Bar merchandise has captured your imagination?


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  1. kessler78 says:

    Good article – sunny was amazing in its hey day (seasons 1-3 when the cast were the writers). After that they brought in professional writers (who guest as characters such as Jimminy Cricket). The pregnancy season as well as Mac’s fat season were too gimmicky but this past season has gotten a little better. The night man cometh live show in Boston was awesome. I strongly urge you to check out the League – FXs other wildly politically incorrect sitcom – this one has really hit its prime.

    • noisynoodle says:

      Thanks! I didn’t notice the writers had changed, I just presumed they ran out of ideas and it started to get patchier! Lucky you getting to see the stage show! Thanks for the tip about The League – I read the show has writers from Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm, I’m sold!

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