Video: Savages performing I Am Here Live @ Electrowerkz, London (11 October 2012)

Wow. What a debut album! The Savages are an all girl four-piece post-punk band from England who have raised the bar for anything released in 2013. That voice. I strangely hear an angry KD Lang crossed with a passion fueled Sinead O’Connor when I listen to the amazing vocal talent of Jehnny Beth lead singer of Savages.

That intensity. The Savages music has been likened to the sounds of Joy Division and the Dead Kennedys. Featuring Ayse Hassan on bass with the punk cred, Gemma Thompson on guitar and Fay Milton on drums (she quit her video production career for this awesomeness), Savages will slap you in the face with their ferocious wall of sound.

That album. Silence Yourself is 39 minutes of pulsating Savages energy over 11 short tracks. Songs about the power of violence (Hit Me), gender inequality (She Will), the powerful chants of Husbands and after savaging your ears for 35 minutes a soft number to close out the album (Marshal Dear).

The Dead Kennedys sound of Husbands:

Savages take inspiration from Einsturzende Neubauten, Black Sabbath, HTRK, Philip K Dick, John Cassavetes, Dadaism, JD Salinger, Charles Bukowski, and were inspired by William Golding’s novel, Lord of the Flies to name the band about savages. Vocalist Jehnny is originally from Poitiers, France but moved to London with her partner Nicolas Conge, and they setup the record label Pop Noire together on Matador.

Originally formed in 2011 this is a stunning debut from a relatively new band who actually spent the time to form their live stage presence before hitting the recording studio. Silence Yourself is a keeper. The kind of album you will be spruiking incessantly to all your *cool* friends. I’m sure everybody needs a copy… they might just not know it yet. Mum?

From what I can tell Savages can totally pull it off live. Jehnny says she psychs herself up before a live gig by boxing and singing ridiculously. I want to see this band live! I want the Savages to tell off all the dickheads recording their gigs with their pissy little mobile phones to just enjoy the fucking show as they are known do (seriously, unless you are in like Flynn with the sound engineer your footage is going to sound like balls!).

City’s Full performed live at their debut show in London @ The Shacklewell Arms:

I want the Savages to stand for something. Anything. Its more than most bands who believe in nothing. I don’t even care if I end up eventually hating what they stand for, I’m still gonna love their music.

The band are already known for pissing journalists off and being difficult to work with. This suggests to me they might be up for a short but amazing career – so get in quick before they burn bright and then disappear!

Savages are here.

Savages - Silence Yourself album cover

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