Video: All Tomorrow’s Parties Official Trailer

Featuring Sonic Youth. Grinderman. Dirty Three. Mogwai. Battles. Shellac. The Mars Volta. Patti Smith. Portishead. Iggy and The Stooges, Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Slint. The Gossip. David Cross. GZA. And More… I’m not going to list them all because it will only tempt you to fork out your hard-earned cash for this poor piece of crap. You’ve seen the trailer, you’ve basically seen the film.

All Tomorrow’s Parties (ATP) is about throwing caution to the wind and allowing musicians to curate their own festival by inviting artists that inspire them for the greater good of mankind. Brilliant concept, I’m all for it – I give you a high-five for making it happen repeatedly all across the world.

However, I am not up for being treated like a douche bag when I spend $20-$30 on your pathetic All Tomorrow’s Parties documentary, film, DVD. After sitting through 83 minutes of absolute drivel not only did I want my money back, but I wanted my precious 83 minutes back.

Who edited this film? Were they on crack? Am I supposed to be high as a kite to enjoy the freaking vintage footage? I know it was released by Warp Films but c’mon, I just don’t get it.

Compiled from 600 hours of fan and artist footage on Super 8, video and mobile phone – it fucking shows. It’s got nothing on the amazing fan sourced footage compiled for the music documentary Bad Brains: A Band from DC which used vintage video footage appropriately.

Why would I want to sit through streams of footage of hipsters hanging out after the festival? I came to see the bands! Would I prefer to see an entire performance of one of the aforementioned artists? Hell yeah!

3 minutes 30 seconds that’s the most you’ll be getting from anyone – and it’s reserved for Grinderman. Dirty Three – 55 seconds. Sonic Youth – 40 seconds.  Shellac – 17 seconds. The Mars Volta – 19 seconds. I shit you not. This is the most disrespectful music doco I’ve ever seen. They roll live performance footage of Patti Smith over the fucking credits!

Patti Smith is fucking captivating live. More so than probably ever other artist on the film’s lineup.  In the many hundreds of gigs I’ve been to Shellac and The Mars Volta are two of the best live bands I have ever seen. All they deserves is a measly 17 & 19 seconds of the film?

It appears as if more love and care for the audience went into the 40 page full colour booklet that accompanies the DVD than in the film. No disrespect to the fans, but I reckon I could put together a better documentary compiled from the crudiest ATP festival recordings uploaded to YouTube on every second Wednesday.

Fuck the fans singing Yeah Yeah Yeahs songs – give me more footage of the actual band themselves.  Did I need to hear Thurston Moore waffle on again from snippets clearly cut from The Year Punk BrokeFuck no! People pashing? No. David Cross being heckled by a Jesus lover? No. No. No.

The documentary is meant to be a celebration of the 10 years of All Tomorrow’s Parties festivals since the original festival was curated by Belle & Sebastian in Camber Sands, England in 1999. I nearly cried when I got to the end of the “film”. Noooooo [hand slapping head]. Where did all the super hot footage of the amazing bands go? On the bonus disc?

Thank god for the bonus disc! The Dirty Three, Grinderman, Portishead, Iggy and The Stooges, The Gossip. And thank god for Shellac!

Steve Albini I must give thanks to you for a lot of things (namely Shellac, In Utero, Incoming, Rid of Me, Meantime) but never have I thanked you so much as when you put on the blistering performance captured on the ATP bonus disc. You were the saving grace. I give your live performance 10 out of 10!

I don’t normally give ratings, but I give the rest of the trashy DVD a 1 out of 10. And I’m being fucking generous… only because I love many of the bands.

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