Video: Vicious Circle – Don’t Lose It

Melbourne’s hardcore stalwarts Vicious Circle embark on a 2 week tour of the US West Coast this June with thrash metal band Psychosomatic from Sacramento. The hardcore icons have previously supported Black Flag, Agnostic Front, Dayglow Abortions, GBH, and more. Yes, they are that fucking good!

Vicious Circle played a warm-up gig for the US tour last Friday night at The Cornish Arms Hotel, Brunswick and I can confirm they were in fine form. Performing a range of VC classics: Police Brutality, Knucklehead, and Isolation it was a nice slap in the face that we were very pleased to receive.

At one point Paul Lindsay enjoyed a run through the venue with his mic to detect the vocal acoustics of the Staff Room! Result: The room sounded fucking good!

Originally forming in 1983* the band celebrate their 30th anniversary this year which is a testament to their influence in the hardcore scene. Featuring the amazing Paul Lindsay on vocals (and circle pit duties), Mano is back on bass for the tour, Adam shredding the guitar, and Heath rocking out on drums.

Vicious Circle & Psychosomatic US West Coast Tour Dates:

  • 6/10 Los Angeles CA @ Down and Out
  • 6/11 San Diego CA @ Shakedown Bar
  • 6/12 Bakersfield CA – TBA
  • 6/13 Monterey CA @ Planet Gemini
  • 6/14 San Jose CA – TBA
  • 6/15 Oakland CA @ The Metro
  • 6/17 Portland OR @ Slabtown
  • 6/18 Spokane WA @ The Hop
  • 6/19 Seattle WA @ The Kraken
  • 6/20 Eugene OR @ Tiny Tavern
  • 6/21 Chico CA – @ Dex Studio
  • 6/22 Sacramento CA @ Blue Lamp
  • 6/23 Petaluma CA @ Phoenix Theater

The band is ready. Do not miss them!

Tell the boys I said “hi”!

* Fact: One time Vicious Circle drummer Russell “Rusty” Hopkinson plays in Aussie rock band You Am I.

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