Video: The Dillinger Escape Plan – Parasitic Twins Video Clip

Afraid of mathcore? Not sure if metal is your thing? Allow me to give you a soothing introduction to the wonders of The Dillinger Escape Plan!

I’ve been a big fan of the band since Mike Patton (Faith No More, Fantomas, Tomahawk) provided guest vocals on their Irony is a Dead Scene EP in 2002. Since then they’ve had numerous line-up changes due to the intensity of their live performances. I highly recommend you take out health insurance before you attend one of their gigs!

Not only are the band renowned for throwing gear at one another on stage but they can rough up the audience as well. I remember one girl in particular who through no fault of her own ended up having her hair tangled up in the guitar head of the guitarist who kindly sat on her shoulders while playing the encore. Highlight of her life I’m sure!

Hence that is why they are my favourite live band. You always know you’ll always going to get 110% at their live shows. I have never seen them put on a dud show, and I have never walked away feeling disappointed.

Now back to the introduction… in 2010 DEP released a grower of an album by the name of Option Paralysis. It is a joyous mess of mathcore, and the best break-up album bar none.

Why? Because of a little track Widower that you must give a listen to (even those of you with timid ears):

Greg Puciato outdoes himself on this track truly delivering the pain of a wounded lover in the heartfelt lyrics. He has one of the best vocal chops in the business – methinks that thick neck he has is there for a fucking good reason!

Parasitic Twins (featured video) is the album closer on Option Paralysis, continuing on with the theme of a relationship breakdown which by this stage is more bitter and twisted then it was when the album started.

Now I don’t want you to fool you into a false sense of security and have you thinking that the songs I’ve mentioned today are typical DEP. They are not.

However, if you can learn to love these mellower tunes as I have done you are halfway there on your journey to loving mathcore – which is important as everybody needs to know algebra, or some shit.

For your amusement after you’ve done your homework it will then be time to check out Milk Lizard (Ire Works):

And followed closely by my other fav: Gold Teeth on a Bum (Option Paralysis):

There you have it! If you’ve made it this far you can progress to the next level of algebra (aka their new album: One of Us is the Killer).

I’m sorry if your ears fell off. I’m sure they’ll grow back.

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