Video: The Killing Season One Trailer

One of the most gripping TV shows I’ve watched in years is The Killing. Based on the highly regarded Danish TV series, The Crime, the US version is located in Seattle, Washington and follows the disappearance of 17-year-old Rosie Larsen.

I tip my imaginary hat off to the writers, this is impeccable stuff. Every character is flawed, from the persistent cops to the dodgy politicians, seedy mobsters, and distraught parents, to even the 17-year-old herself. The writing is so believable in this regard that the audience is not treated like an ignoramus.

Each episode is typically 1-2 days within the story, so the case follows every useful bit of evidence, every diversion, and every heartache for the family. The cast is superb. You are not likely to recognise every cast member by name or face but trust me they put in a hell of a performance.

The main characters are two police investigating the disappearance, Sarah Linden and Steven Holder, played wonderfully by Mireille Enos (Big Love, Gangster Squad) and Swedish/American Joel Kinnaman (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo). They are required to battle their own inner demons, the police department and City Hall to help solve the case.

Despite all this goodness I speak of the US remake was in jeopardy of being cancelled last year. Thankfully, the TV gods (you know who you are) thought to give it another run. Bless you, boredom saviours!

Unexpectedly, major plot points are revealed by the end of Season 2. Thank you for not insulting my intelligence. I presume other situations will eventuate in Season 3, and twist things up further but thank you for providing some sense of closure.

The delivery of The Killing is what you really wanted out of Twin Peaks but were never given, after all it was David Lynch writing and directing. Sure, I loved the quirkiness of the reverse talking dream sequences, dwarfs, and the lady with a log as much as the next person but really did it do anything for the meandering plot?

I wholeheartedly recommend you include The Killing in your TV watching schedule. It is not a show that should be cancelled before the writers think it’s time.

The Killing airs on ONE HD in Australia (Season 2 concluded last week). Season 3 is currently airing in the US on AMC and Netflix.

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