Video: Dead Snow (Dod Sno) Trailer

A group of unsuspecting victims, check. A mysterious local warning of horrors, check. A pack of Nazi zombies, fuck yeah, check! I finally had the chance to catch the Norwegian zombie comedy classic Dead Snow (2009) the other week and I was not disappointed.

A group of young medical students head away for the weekend to a cabin in the mountains for some drinking and good times. The film cheekily begins with references from the characters to other horror classics (Evil Dead, Friday the 13th, April Fools Day) to give the audience a nudge and a wink that ‘we know you know what to expect’. The group is due to be met at the cabin by Sara, a girlfriend of one of the guys, who is supposedly cross-country skiing her way to the cabin (as you do on your lonesome in the dead of winter).

Not too soon after they arrive they meet a strange local who confronts them at the cabin. He tells them a tale about how the Nazi Germans were stationed in that very region of Norway back in World War II, and how they were chased up into the mountains by the locals, and now all is not well in this part of the land. Having freaked out the students a little the stranger soon departs and they go back to their frolicking in the mountains.

The next day Sara’s boyfriend becomes concerned that she hasn’t turned up yet from her massive skiing effort and he heads out on his snowmobile to track her down. The group back at the cabin uncover a mystery box with amazing loot (along with a reference to the glowing suitcase in Pulp Fiction) that they think will help get them through medical school. Bah! Nobody is going to make it to medical school, I laugh. Did they forget they are in a zombie film?

And so begins the zombie comedy mayhem… with Nazi zombies don’t forget! Lots of blood, missing limbs, Nazi zombie dens, helmet jokes – just what you were looking for?

I also really enjoyed the pumping soundtrack to the film despite not understanding Norwegian myself. Writer and director Tommy Wirkola of the film cameos in the film as, you guessed it a Nazi zombie! Wirkola describes his thought process behind the creation of Nazi zombies as “What is more evil than a zombie? A Nazi-zombie!”

One of the 25 best zombie movies of all time. That’s what the poster says. I’ll leave that judgement up to you, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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