Video: Hunted Season 1 Trailer

Who wants spy operative Sam Hunter dead? Her former lover, her colleague, her employee, her undercover target? The best operative at Byzantium is living on the edge having been recently shot in Morocco while on a mission with her partner, she now can’t trust anyone.

Originally produced by the BBC and Cinemax the first season of Hunted was cancelled in 2012 due to a large overnight drop in ratings. However, the very next day HBO threw the series a lifeline and offered their services. Subsequently, when the series was aired on-demand to US audiences the show pulled in a significant amount of viewers that very much pleased the folk at Cinemax.

The new series will be titled Sam Hunter, with an even greater focus on the tale of spy operative Sam Hunter played superbly by Melissa George (Alias, The Slap, Home & Away). I must mention her time as Angel on Home & Away because she hates it, and because I love the fact that her co-star Dieter Brummer detested working with her so much that he begged the Home & Away writers to kill off his character, Shane at the height of his fame!

The first series was based heavily in London, and the plan to move to Berlin for the second series has now been abandoned due to the loss of the BBC production support. That’s a pity, as I was expecting some lovely Wim Wenders like cinematography of Berlin to help sell the bleak spy thriller ambience.

Why do I believe that Hunted is worth your time and effort? Firstly, we have the A grade fighting scenes, its like they sent the cast off to train with Jason Bourne of the Bourne Legacy films. Sam Hunter the spy reports to Deacon Crane played by Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (Oz, The Bourne Identity), who played the crazy self-righteous Mr Eko from Lost. Did Akinnuoye-Agbaje not save that entire season of Lost?

The convincing Patrick Malahide (Game of ThronesThe World Is Not Enough) plays the formidable mobster Jack Turner who is very distrustful of Sam Hunter’s fake American accent (maybe that’s just me?) as she goes undercover in his household to pretend to be the live-in babysitter of his grandson, Edward Turner during the duration of her mission.

Lastly, Hunted is created by Frank Spotniz, he of The X Files fame. Do you remember how clever that show was (most of the time)? Mulder’s apartment number anyone? Gillian Anderson was originally on the cards to play Sam Hunter but pulled out.

While Hunted was an 8 episode series, Sam Hunter will be aired as a 4 hour mini-series sometime in 2014.

Yeah, that means we have to be patient and wait until next year. If only I had an hourglass to keep track of the time…

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