Video: Massive Attack performing Safe From Harm Live @ Melt Festival 2010

My favourite era of Massive Attack has now passed (1994) but damn it if I don’t think they are still amazing to see live. Even without use of the vocal trickery of Shara Nelson, Sinead O’Connor, Tracey Thorn and ahem, Tricky!

They are fabulous live which I really did not expect having previously been mildly disappointed by a number of live electronic acts over the years. Massive Attack not only brought along some of their famous vocalists on tour (Horace Andy!), but they provided an engaging electronic show beyond the ‘customary electronica light show’.

This was thought provoking. It may have improved my feelings towards humankind.

Massive Attack have been announced as headliners to the 2013 Harvest Festival at Werribee Park (yes, next to the Werribee Shit Farm!).

I encourage you to attend and have your little mind blown away with a ton of subliminal messages and pleasing music to the ears.

Massive Attack live performance, Nelson Mandela quote in background 'The people are their own liberators' (Photo by Jason Alan Layne, Flickr)

Important Safety Message: Bring a gas mask in case the wind turns.

Harvest 2013 Line-Up (Note: The 2013 Harvest Festival was cancelled in late September):

  • Massive Attack – obviously headlining, don’t you read the papers anymore?
  • Franz Ferdinand– those dancey blokes with a historic love of WWI
  • Primus – Les Claypool and co are back to get off on bass
  • Goldfrapp – an electronic duo often ignored by the masses
  • Eels – will Mark Oliver come out after the Festival to do his standard after-show encore? Should be at Werribee Train Station methinks…
  • Neutral Milk Hotel – Reforming since 1998 and first visit to Australia
  • Desaparecidos – After Conor Oberst went solo emo he started a punk rock band
  • CSS – Brazil’s all girl band
  • The Drones – Melbourne’s own pub rock gods are not to be missed!
  • Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – you will remember them for their 50’s style
  • Mutemath – Garage rock sans their old guitarist
  • M Ward – Likes to hang out on records with Zooey Deschanel
  • Superchunk – Reformed 90’s low-fi rock
  • The Wallflowers – Robert Zimmerman’s son is still strumming
  • Walk Off The Earth – crowd sourcing their video clips to stardom!

Harvest 2013 Festival Dates:

  • Sunday 10 November: Melbourne, Werribee Park
  • Saturday 16 November: Sydney, The Domain
  • Sunday 17 November: Brisbane, City Botanic Gardens

Tickets On Sale:

  • Foundation Members pre-sale tickets onsale from 9am, Wednesday 10 July
  • Harvest Members pre-sale tickets onsale from 9am, Thursday 11 July (sign-up online @ Harvest Festival)
  • General Public tickets go on sale 9am, Friday 12 July

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I am a noisy noodle hailing from Melbourne, Australia who loves listening to noise in all forms, but preferably in music, TV and film. I’ve moonlighted on community radio at SYN-FM many years ago when I was still a “youth”. My mission is to promote live music (get off your bum and see something!), highlight interesting TV shows that are ignored by the ratings, expose some cool films and to not go deaf trying!

12 responses »

  1. prog4 says:

    It’s always great to hear someone really nail vocals live.

  2. Definitely one of the best line-ups I’ve seen in a while. Neutral Mlk Hotel were a complete surprise. Can’t wait.

  3. Blathering says:

    Just bought my ticket to Harvest yesterday….mostly to see Massive Attack. I had a ticket for Massive Attack once many years ago and something else came up that I couldn’t get out of – huge disappointment to have missed them. I’ve been hanging out hoping they might do a side show, but I finally decided damned if I’m going to miss them again, and got a ticket to Harvest!!

    • noisynoodle says:

      Awesome, you will not be disappointed as there is big news on the cards for Massive Attack bringing a “special guest”. I am hoping that the prodigal son (aka Tricky) has returned. They have been recording new material together so it’s not as out there as you might think!

      • Blathering says:

        Oh Gawd, I hope it’s Tricky too! How cool THAT would be! Ive heard his new single “Valentine”….classic Tricky: very, very smooth but scratchy at the same time. Love it!

      • noisynoodle says:

        Volcano Choir (Bon Iver new project) have also confirmed they’ll be at Harvest. The only caper is that AJ Maddah (festival organiser) now claims that Harvest might be cancelled due to low sales 😦 Second lineup announcement is meant to be released tomorrow but may not be.

  4. Blathering says:

    PS also looking foward to Goldfrapp and The Drones!

    • noisynoodle says:

      Getting your monies worth there! How strange is this – I once had a ticket to see Goldfrapp at a festival – but I couldn’t make it! Eerie…

      • Blathering says:

        Yep there is definitely some obscure message from the universe right there if only we cared enough to decode it!! On a downer though, I was supposed to see Massive Attack with my younger brother, who ended up having to go with someone else when I couldn’t go. He has now passed away….so I’m particularly sorry that I didn’t get to see Massive Attack with him.

      • noisynoodle says:

        Sorry to hear about your brother. That is really shitty and big hugs to you. I hope your brother loved the show and that you do get to see them this time around.

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