Video: Daughter perform Youth live @ 89.3 The Current

Oh, public radio how much I love you so. Thanks Minnesota public radio 89.3 The Current for posting up this precious clip of Daughter performing Youth live!

I may not have trekked my arse to Splendour in the Grass Festival this weekend, and I may not have organised myself in time to buy a ticket to their sold out live show at the Corner Hotel on Tuesday night (23 July), but I can enjoy this live clip.

Daughter are a 3 piece folk band from London, featuring the stunning vocals of Elena Tonra (and guitar), Igor Haefeli on guitar, and Remi Aguilella on drums. The band are on the UK 4AD label, which will mean something to you if follow indie music history. Personally, I’d be chuffed if I made it onto the label today with the likes of Bon Iver and The National in their current roster, but that would be damn weird if that happened as I’m in no way a musician!

Originally meeting in college (like those other indie dudes, Blur), Elena and Igor would perform together and they were joined shortly after by Remi. Elena is hugely inspired by the songwriting of Jeff Buckley and Thom Yorke (Radiohead, of course you knew that!), so she earns some honourable badges from me in that department.

If you need the tune Youth in your collection you can buy the 2011 release the The Wild Youth EP for a handsome figure on iTunes if you have a few pennies. Alternatively, you can splurge and get the track on their full album If You Leave released just in March. Elena has said the band went a little pedal happy with the new album, isn’t that the only way to be?

Daughter in an outdoor acoustic performance of Medicine (in the middle of a footpath in Canterbury, London!):

Folks don’t be as stupid as I, if Daughter come to your town buy your tickets early!

BTW, don’t forget to support the Triple R Radiothon in a few short weeks. Reward those guys & gals who recorded that wonderful Roof Top Cafe performance of Jeff Buckley I told you about a while ago.

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