Video: The Fauves – Understanding Kyuss (Track from Future Spa)

Australia’s funniest rock band The Fauves, are celebrating their 25th anniversary next month at the Corner Hotel on Saturday, 31 August 2013. Their actual anniversary date was a few days ago on 23 July which they have already claimed that the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge have honoured with the birth of the future of the English monarchy!

The Fauves website states:

Playing material from all 11 of our albums as well as several EP’s, we will intersperse the music with PowerPoint discussions of our history and the music industry in general, based on our extensive collection of memorabilia. Dark professional and personal secrets will be revealed and no audience question will go unanswered. Rare video footage and never-before-heard demo recordings of our earliest material will complete a sumptuous audio-visual feast. Be early for Doctor’s Orders, a Fauves cover band who play only songs written by Phil ‘Doctor’ Leonard.

Sounds like it is going to be an absolute pisser, and you will suffer in your jocks if you miss out. Fans also have the opportunity to vote for their favourite Fauves songs on the band’s website which will be tallied by the ABC election coverage staff* and played on the night.

Some of the funniest shit I’ve ever read was written by lead singer, Andy Cox, in the band’s fanzine Shred. You can still buy editions #3 to #6 of Shred on their website, which I would highly encourage you to do if you want to laugh your arse off! Andy pays out on other bands, and recollects about some of the bands most dire performances. What are you still doing here? You can read excerpts from Shred on their site.

The dude is very funny and clever, not only did he propagate the message that he was a 24 year old rock virgin (an attempt to get laid?), but he also won through to the celebrity final of the quiz show Sale of the Century!

The band released this little belter in 1995 after alt-rock bands started thinking they were gonna be Nirvana: Everybody’s Getting a 3 Piece Together:

Self Abuser was a Fauves classic, complete with Andy Cox’s porn-star mo’:

Tickets for the Corner Hotel gig are only $20 +bf so there is no excuse not to go unless you’ll be washing your hair again!

* This article contains some mistruths.

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