Video: The National Perform Don’t Swallow The Cap Live on 89.3 The Current

You know an album is pervading your consciousness when you always seem to find yourself playing it multiple times a week. Such has become my experience with The National’s latest album, Trouble Will Find Me. It is seeping into my soul and trying to pronounce itself as my album of the year.

Shut up soul… it’s only August – there are loads more albums due out before the end of the year. This cannot be the greatest thing since sliced bread for 2013. Or can it?

I don’t know, but it’s *solid gold*.

To make matters worse what arrives in my inbox the other day but a glorious piece of the album captured live in the studio at 89.3 The Current? Yes, these two tracks!

The National must be tapping into my psyche and directing me to play their new album at the exclusion of others, as if I’m in some kind of a trance.

Be careful before watching these tunes, you too might be captivated and start declaring your love for Trouble Will Find Me!

These pink rabbits are dangerous.

The National performing Pink Rabbits on 89.3 The Current:

Further Exploration:

Previously on Sampling Station:


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I am a noisy noodle hailing from Melbourne, Australia who loves listening to noise in all forms, but preferably in music, TV and film. I’ve moonlighted on community radio at SYN-FM many years ago when I was still a “youth”. My mission is to promote live music (get off your bum and see something!), highlight interesting TV shows that are ignored by the ratings, expose some cool films and to not go deaf trying!

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  1. Blathering says:

    What is it about The National? If I play an album of theirs in the car I seem to be able to listen to it over & over! Any other favourite album lasts 2-3 trips to/from work & then I’m bored & have to change albums. You are right. The National are deliberately infiltrating our brains.

    • noisynoodle says:

      They’re tricky bastards. I thought only High Violet could have this effect on me, but no, Trouble Will Find Me does the same thing!

      • Blathering says:

        Exactly! It’s weird. For variety’s sake I swapped my car listening to Primal Scream this week – listened to the album through twice & then I’d had enough.

      • noisynoodle says:

        Aha, that’s proof right there… Primal Scream are not using subliminal messaging on their new album! I’m sure they did on XTRMNTR and Vanishing Point, as that would explain my previous obsession with those albums!

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