Video: The IT Crowd scene where Moss introduces Jen to the internet

Your favourite IT nerds from The IT Crowd are poised for a once-off return to your television sets this month. The comedic talents of Chris O’Dowd, Richard Ayoade, Katherine Parkinson and Matt Berry will all be captured for the A Night of The IT Crowd finale so no crying over spilt milk here.

Okay, there will be no fifth series. You can start crying now if you really need to.

Graham Linehan’s (Black Books, Father Ted, Big Train) crazy sitcom based in an IT bunker at Reynholm Industries first aired in 2006 and improved year by year running for four series. Linehan managed to pull the cast together again in May to film an extra long 40 minute episode, which was no mean feat after an intense period of work for O’Dowd (Bridesmaids, The Sapphires, This Is 40). Ayoade has been a busy bee himself directing the indie film Submarine, and his new film The Double is due to be released shortly.

All these important questions are now raised by news of the finale. What mayhem will Moss get up to this time? What will Roy get angry about? How will Jen fudge her way through another crisis? Who won’t Douglas touch up this time? Will former goth Richmond make an appearance.

Please bring Noel Fielding back! Richmond was my favourite cameo in a sitcom ever. I always look out for Richmond in the server room at work, but sadly he’s never there… or is he?

Catch Richmond in business mode:

The final episode synopsis from Channel 4’s website reads:

The reputations of Roy, Jen and that of Reynholm Industries are at risk when an incident involving spilt coffee and a homeless person ends up on the internet.

Sounds like the episode might be as good as the time the gang faced off the dragons in The Dragon’s Den:

The final episode of IT Crowd will be broadcast on UK’s Channel 4 on Friday, 27 September 2013 (9pm).

Let’s hope ABC1 also continue the love for The IT Crowd in Australia.

Update: The final IT Crowd episode will be screened on ABC1 in Australia on Wednesday 11 December at 9pm.

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