Video: Ja’mie: Private School Girl Sneak Peek (The Bitch is Back!)

The annoying and stuck-up Ja’mie King returns in Chris Lilley’s new comedy series titled Ja’mie: Private School Girl. The very good news is penis-artist and teenage brat Jonah Takalua is also rumoured to be making an appearance in the 6-part series in November.

We first met Ja’mie during Lilley’s first series We Can Be Heroes when she was nominated as an Australian of The Year (who could have submitted all those nomination forms?).

While Jonah was introduced to us in Summer Heights High during Lilley’s second series which took Ja’mie into a public high school as an exchange student. For the new series Ja’mie will be returning to her private school to complete Year 12 after her stint at Summer Heights High.

Neither Ja’mie nor Jonah appeared in Lilley’s most recent series, Angry Boys but we did spend time in the countryside with brothers Daniel and Nathan Sims (from We Can Be Heroes), who I can still hear in my head screaming “NATHAN!”

Summer Heights High for me was the best Lilley series to date, and Jonah by far was my favourite character as he typified the dickhead in your high school. My other highlights across the series include Mr. G, Nathan, S.Mouse, and Jen Okazaki.

Ja’mie is obviously Lilley’s most developed character, so it will be easy for Lilley to reprise the role of Ja’mie one more time.

ABC have teamed up with the BBC and HBO to co-produce Ja’mie: Private School Girl proving the series is expected to be a big hit internationally. I’d bet my imaginary stack of cash that it will be.

Ja’mie: Private School Girl is poised to reach our screens later this year via ABC1, BBC3, and HBO.

HBO has announced the premiere screening date as 24 November 2013 at 9.30pm. Get your lip gloss ready.

UPDATE: ABC has confirmed the series will screen on ABC1 on 23 October 2013 at 9pm.

Ja'mie Private School Girl - coming soon to ABC1

Ja’mie Private School Girl – coming soon to ABC1 (Source: Chris Lilley Facebook)

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