Video: James Vincent McMorrow Follow You Down To The Red Oak Tree Live Acoustic @ The Button Factory, 2010

Singer-songwriter James Vincent McMorrow will release his second album, Post Tropical on 29 November 2013*. McMorrow’s Early In The Morning was a seriously impressive debut album and his next album will be eagerly anticipated by anyone worth their salt.

The album is proudly brought to you by the pecan farm just shy of the Mexican border in El Paso where McMorrow recorded Post Tropical. Not really, but wouldn’t it be cool to have a few bag of nuts with every purchase? Just saying!

It’s the same place that At The Drive In and Yeah Yeah Yeahs have rested their weary heads at one point or another, so I’m going to have high expectations that pecans are an instrumental force for musical inspiration. Mmmm, pecans!

Post Tropical will be released by Dew Process in Australia, Believe Recordings in Europe and Vagrant Records, US.

James Vincent McMorrow - Post Tropical Cover (Source: @jamesvmcmorrow Instagram)

Post Tropical Cover (Source: @jamesvmcmorrow Instagram)

Post Tropical Track Listing:

  1. Cavalier
  2. The Lakes
  3. Red Dust
  4. Gold
  5. All Points
  6. Look Out
  7. Repeating
  8. Post Tropical
  9. Glacier
  10. Outside, Digging

McMorrow also kicks off on an Australian Tour at the end of 2013 for the Falls Festival, followed by a short visit to Melbourne and Sydney in early January 2014.  He will then continue onto a European Tour, and a headline performance in London.

James Vincent McMorrow 2014 Australian Tour Dates:

  • 30 December 2013 –  Falls Music and Arts Festival, Marion Bay
  • 31 December 2013 – Falls Music and Arts Festival, Lorne
  • 2 January 2014 –  Falls Music and Arts Festival, Byron Bay
  • 4 January 2014 – Southbound Festival, Busselton
  • 7 January 2014 – The Corner Hotel, Melbourne
  • 9 January 2014 – Metro Theatre, Sydney

I’m getting excited at the thought of starting my new year in the presence of one of the world’s greats.

Would you like some pecans with your order, sir?

James Vincent McMorrow (Source:

James Vincent McMorrow (Source:

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* Previously noted on official website as: 14 January 2014.

Update: The release date of Post Tropical has been delayed until 3 January 2014.


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