Video: Beastwars Perform Mihi Live @ Auckland’s York Street Studios

Wellington’s sludge metal heroes Beastwars deserve your attention and encourage you to ‘obey the riff’. Their album Blood Becomes Fire rocketed up to #2 in the New Zealand music charts earlier in the year during the first week of release. So based on current Kiwi form (ie teen sensation Lorde) Beastwars will take over the crown of the metal world by the end of 2013!

Matt Hyde (vocals), James Woods (bass), Nathan Hickey (drums) and Clayton Anderson (guitar) formed the beast that is Beastwars back in 2007. It sounds like singer Matt Hyde swallowed the lead singer of Meshuggah whole and spat out his lyrics into somewhat decipherable English.

If their music sounds like their pissed off it probably is due to the icy cold winds in Wellington. I love the place, but fuck is it windy there! They are so loved in New Zealand that a local brewery named a beer after them. How metal is that?

Beastwars have also supported all the cool bands you’d want to hang out with, namely – Melvins, Helmet, Kyuss Lives!, Fu Manchu and High On Fire. By my sums, they have the goods.

Blood Becomes Fire is available for a preview at Bandcamp or throw down a wee $10 and buy it today:

Beastwars are playing in New Zealand next month, and tickets are selling like hotcakes at only NZ$15-18. At their Auckland gig they will be joined by Arc of Ascent who now feature a new drummer in the form of Matt from The Datsuns (one of my favourite New Zealand bands!).

Beastwars NZ Tour Dates:
Friday 8 November – Churchills, Christchurch
Saturday 9 November – The San Francisco Bath House, Wellington
Friday 15 November – King Street Live, Masterton
Saturday 16 November – The Cabana, Napier
Friday 22 November – Kings Arms Tavern, Auckland
Saturday 23 November – The Mayfair, New Plymouth

Beastwars, Source: Beastwars Facebook

Beastwars, Source: Beastwars Facebook

Go forth peoples and discover your inner beast!

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  1. Zack says:

    When I first saw the picture I thought it was Barry Manilow or some other easy listening artist. Whoops!

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