Video: Warpaint Perform Burgundy Live (Rough Trade Sessions)

Warpaint are not only working on their follow up album to The Fool (2010) but are also working on a documentary with the assistance of video director virtuoso Chris Cunningham.

Remember I mentioned him the other week when I told you Autechre’s L-Event was being released (Cunningham directed Autechre’s Second Bad Vilbel clip)? You’ve already forgotten? You need to eat more veggies or something.

Cunningham spent 2 years following the Warpaint girls around filming them make music which will end up in the documentary about the band.

Cunningham probably made the most distinct video clips of the 90’s, that being Aphex Twin’s Come To Daddy and Windowlicker. The first might have scared the pants off you; and the second ended your attraction to Richard D. James (or was that just me? You might be turned on by buxom woman with Richard D. James’ faces, for all I know).

Cunningham also made the equally trippy clip for Squarepusher’s Come On My Selector. Let’s call that homework.

Anyways, enough about my fondness for strange video clips*. Warpaint are now an all-girl 4-piece band from LA formed back in 2004 with Emily Kokal (vocals/guitar), Theresa Wayman (guitar) and Jenny Lee Lindberg (bass), and were joined by Stella Mozgawa on drums in 2009.

Warpaint released their first EP in 2008 called Exquisite Corpse with the help of John Frusciante (former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist) – Kokal’s former boyfriend.

Warpaint are set to visit Australia in 2014 as part of  the Laneway Festival (for their second time) and they are currently touring in Europe.

Warpaint Love Is To Die Trailer (Directed by Chris Cunningham)

Warpaint 2013 Tour Dates:

  • Tuesday 29 October – Manchester Academy, Manchester, UK
  • Wednesday 30 October – Brixton Academy, London, UK
  • Friday 1 November – Pitchfork Festival, Paris, France
  • Saturday 2 November – Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, Belgium
  • Wednesday 6 November – Heimathafen, Berlin, Germany
  • Friday 8 November – Fri-Son, Fribourg, Switzerland
  • Saturday 9 November – Babylon, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Tuesday 12 November – Glav Club, Moscow, Russia
  • Wednesday 13 November – A2, St Petersburg, Russia
  • Friday 15 November – Crossing Border Festival, Enschede, Holland
  • Saturday 16 November – Crossing Border Festival, The Hague, Holland

Warpaint 2014 Tour Dates:

  • Friday 31 January – Laneway Festival, Brisbane, Australia
  • Saturday 1 February – Laneway Festival, Melbourne, Australia
  • Sunday 2 February – Laneway Festival, Sydney, Australia
  • Friday 7 February – Laneway Festival, Adelaide, Australia
  • saturday 8 February – Laneway Festival, Fremantle, Australia
  • Wednesday 19 February – O2 Academy, Leeds, UK
  • Sunday 23 February – Gloria, Cologne, Germany
  • Tuesday 25 February – Strom, Munich, Germany
  • Wednesday 26 February – Gruenspan, Hamburg, Germany
  • Friday 28 February – Sala But, Madrid, Spain
  • Saturday 1 March – Aula Magna, Lisbon, Portugal

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* My favourite strange video clip being the clip where John Safran tapes a camera to a dog and submits the clip *successfully* to ABC’s Rage!


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