Video: DJ Shadow Midnight In A Perfect World Music Clip

San Francisco’s DJ Shadow will be touring Australia and New Zealand in February 2014. Dates have been announced, and DJ Shadow was listed on the mega Perth Festival announcement so I was nervously anticipating news of a full tour.

A live DJ Shadow show is not your typical DJ fare. It is damn enthralling. He brings along his latest high-tech gear and impresses you with some interesting visuals to suit alongside his tunes. He will even chat to you, if you are nice (I’m not sure about some of you!). Apparently during his last tour in Australia in 2011 DJ Shadow performed inside a silver ball. Maybe it was for Christmas. I don’t know, but I’m sorry I missed it! Hurry up and get yourself a ticket!

DJ Shadow - Entroducing...

DJ Shadow – Entroducing…

DJ Shadow released the ground breaking Entroducing… back in 1996 which was made entirely of samples. It blew my freaking mind. How good is Organ DonorBuilding Steam With A Grain of Salt? Stem / Long Stem / Transmission 2? I can go on. Entroducing… drew a line in the sand in the 90’s for me. The bar was raised, and everyone else just had to try and do better. Many failed.

I have to thank the former staff in Au Go Go Records in Melbourne for connecting me with Entroducing… I had heard some DJ Shadow tunes played on Triple R prior to my visit to Au Go Go, but their recommendation on a tiny little card telling me how fantastic the album was did the trick for me. I laid out my $20 or whatever it was selling for. They were 100% right! This is desert island material.

I even scored the digipak version of Entroducing…, of course which is now tattered and worn from too much airplay. It might have been worth something today if I could stop myself from moving it on and off the shelf to play it all the time! The cover reminds me of being in Au Go Go buying this very album, it is almost like looking into a mirror into a mirror into a mirror.

Our Deltron 3030 hero, Dan The Automator, also deserves a special thanks for Entroducing… as he loaned out his Pro Tools rig to Mr Josh Davis (aka DJ Shadow) back in the day which was used to make the album. Thanks Mr Nakamura, have I told you before that you are a legend?

DJ Shadow should open up a record store when he retires. It will be wild, you can take any album from his 60,000 record collection and question him about tracks from any of the records. He’ll remember each one most likely as they have probably been sampled at some point in time!

I cranked up The Private Press (2002) this very morning as it had been ages since I last played the album… and it might have just led to a bit of naked dancing around the house to Mashin’ On The Motorway.

Feel free to join in folks…

Video: DJ Shadow Mashin’ On The Motorway Animated Clip:

DJ Shadow Australian & New Zealand Tour Dates:

  • Friday, 7 February 2014 – Family, Brisbane
  • Saturday, 8 February 2014 – Bass Boutique, Ivy Courtyard, Sydney
  • Thursday, 13 February 2014 – The Prince, Melbourne
  • Friday, 14 February 2014 – Splore Festival, Auckland
  • Saturday, 15 February 2014 – Perth Festival

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