Video: Noah Gundersen Family Acoustic Performance (as heard on Sons of Anarchy Series 4: Episode 6)

Seattle singer-songwriter Noah Gundersen’s raspy and dire tune Family caught my attention the other day while I was watching Sons of Anarchy. The song was used to great effect at the end of an episode in a montage of violence, heartbreak and death. Don’t worry, I’m not going to spoil any of the storyline for you… our free to air in Australia is so behind the times I couldn’t even if I tried!

The interesting lyrics (‘with all of my family hookers in heels and the men who watch them like hungry black eels’) kept spinning around in my head the entire night until I had to find out just who penned the song.

Next time, Sons of Anarchy would you mind adding the song title and artist in your end credits? Show a bit of respect for the artist and the audience. We aren’t always capable of remembering the lyrics nor do we always have a free hand to whip out our phones ready to Shazam everything (personally, I use SoundCloud but whatever!).

After I played Noah’s song Family for the hundredth time (might be slightly exaggerating), I had to listen to more of his work and I stumbled across his Family EP which he recorded in only a week in 2011. Damn, has this dude has reincarnated the evil side of Nick Cave and his weird ass storytelling? The first track David from the EP was quite enjoyable, take a listen for your own aural senses:

Video: Noah Gundersen David Official Clip

Noah’s sister Abby Gundersen provides backup singing duties and violin on the EP and the pair have been performing together since they were 12 and 15 years old, Noah being the elder of the two. They also play with a band under the name The Courage.

Noah Gundersen’s Family EP is now spinning on Bandcamp for a respectable US$7 for 7 tracks. If you want to make it out of Bandcamp alive, I trust you will leave your $7 on the bar and slowly walk away before something bad happens to you:

Gundersen is now part of the Sons of Anarchy family, and is due to appear on the next soundtrack Sons of Anarchy Vol. 3 (Music From Sons of Anarchy) with two tracks: Day is Gone and As Tears Go By performed with the The Forest Rangers (who play the Sons of Anarchy theme song). The soundtrack is due out 6 December 2013 and not only is Mrs Kurt Sutter, Katey Sagal (Gemma Teller) crooning on the album, but so is actor Maggie Siff (Dr Tara Knowles), keeping it all in the family!

Noah Gundersen and co (aka The Gundersen Family) are also on tour this December in the US for holiday shows with Le Wrens, for further details open Facebook and say, ah!

Then in 2014 he will be on tour for his new album Ledges due to be released on 11 February 2014, including a special album release show on 15 February 2014 in Seattle.

Noah Gundersen The Ledges US Tour, Source:

Noah Gundersen The Ledges US Tour, Source:

Before I shoot and ask questions later, where’s that $7 at?

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