Video: Band of Skulls The Devil Takes Care of His Own Official Clip

Himalayan is the new album from English rockers Band of Skulls due out in early 2014 (January 5 to be exact). Asleep at the Wheel is the first track from the new album which was produced by the master Nick Launay (Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Midnight Oil, The Posies).

Currently on tour with Queens Of The Stone Age until 1 December 2013 the three-piece are touring across the UK and Europe in March and April 2014. Full tour dates were released today and are available on the Band of Skulls Website.

I detect room in their diary to come and visit Melbourne in January and February 2014. I really should pen a lovely letter of correspondence to make it happen. Oh wait, that could be the main point behind this post? No, don’t be absurd! Hee, hee. As if any of my posts could stop meandering on and have a point!

I digress, their 2012 release Sweet Sour was full of little gems like the title track (aka Sweet Sour for those of you playing at home), The Devil Takes Care of His Own, Wanderluster, and Bruises. But the whole album is a pleasure to listen to.

I just love the blend of vocals from guitarist Russell Marsden and bassist Emma Richardson, and drummer Matt Hayward rounds out the trio nicely. Marsden and Richardson have exceptional vocals, and they can match it with cool rock tunage (don’t worry, it’s not a real word) and long hair. Very rock.

Asleep at the Wheel is on rotation at SoundCloud or you can join the Band of Skulls mailing list to receive a free copy right now:

A teaser of the Himalayan album is now online on YouTube as an early Christmas present for you:

I suspect there is something very heavy in the water in Southampton, and we should bottle it instead of Evian and sell ‘rock hard water’ across the globe to get rock back in the charts again.

Are you with me this time, rockers? I think you’ve been asleep since The White Stripes left the building.

Band of Skulls 2014 Tour, Source:

Band of Skulls 2014 Tour, Source:

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