Video: Mutoid Man Live @ Saint Vitus Bar, Brooklyn, New York (23 September 2013)

Helium Head is the album that Soundgarden forgot to record. Thankfully, Mutoid Man have come to the rescue and have picked up where Soundgarden left off. Actually Helium Head sounds like Louder Than Love and Badmotorfinger being played at the same time.

Sorry if I’ve given you the impression that Mutoid Man are just a Soundgarden rip-off. They are not. It’s just the vocals and the Led Zeppelin style riffs that make the two easy to compare.

Mutoid Man are a crazy prog, messed up wall of fuzz, with some elements of mathcore thrown in to boot. WTF? Just listen, it is some of the best rock and metal I’ve heard this year, check out Gnarcissist for starters:

Helium Head
only lasts a short 16 minutes, no song last more than 3 minutes, and damn it if I don’t want to go back and press repeat everytime! By my count the album was $10 well spent as it pleases me very much.

The Brooklyn men behind Mutoid Man are not some hacks eking out a living, they are a mini-supergroup of sorts with drummer Ben Koller (Converge, All Pigs Must Die), guitarist and vocalist Stephen Brodsky (Cave In), and bassist Nick Cageao (Brohammer).

I can’t wait for them to team up again and release another 16 minutes of bliss.

Mutoid Man - Helium Head cover

Mutoid Man – Helium Head cover

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