Video: Sharon Van Etten Performs Give Out Live on Triple J

Brooklyn singer-songwriter Sharon Van Etten released her intimate third album Tramp in 2012. A song from that album was Give Out which I think was beautifully captured by Australian radio station Triple J when she visited their studios early in 2013.

Van Etten spent time on the road with The National in 2011 and was fortunate enough to have guitarist Aaron Dessner to record Tramp in his recording studio. I’m thankful the two were brought together as Tramp is produced so well. Van Etten has hidden qualities in her voice that are very haunting to listen to, and these little nuances are not always captured in other recordings I’ve heard of Van Etten.

Van Etten’s past is also haunting with her unfortunately suffering years of abuse from her former lover, and secretly turning to music during that difficult period. I think you can hear that vulnerability in her vocals and it touches a raw nerve in your body.

It is astounding that an album like Tramp could be written while Van Etten was homeless and couch-surfing at the homes of her friends and family. But I’m glad she did.

However, I did not enjoy fossicking around in stores for a physical copy of Tramp to go home empty-handed each attempt!

2013 is the year that digital music sales will outsell physical music sales. D’oh, that explains why I recently had trouble finding 5 out of 6 CD purchases! Nobody stocks shelves anymore, that’s so 2003. Suffer if you want to read the liner notes, iTunes doesn’t give a shit about scanning a copy of them.

Another great track from Tramp is Serpents which featured on an episode on the TV series The Walking Dead in November (a basement version of Serpents is available on iTunes):

Get acquainted with Sharon Van Etten’s Tramp before the zombies arrive. Otherwise all their moaning will destroy your listening pleasure.

Sharon Van Etten @ The Mohawk, AV Club Day Party, Austin, Texas (18 March 2011) SXSW 2011, Source: Mike Katzif, Flickr

Sharon Van Etten @ The Mohawk, AV Club Day Party, Austin, Texas (18 March 2011) SXSW 2011, Source: Mike Katzif, Flickr

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