Dammit, no Crimson ProjeKct next week in Australia! I received word yesterday that the January shows have been postponed until June 2014 (apparently due to scheduling issues). According to Adrian Belew’s Facebook post there might be more dates added to the Australian tour:

Breaking News!
(look ma, I’m CNN!)

the Crimson Project tour of Australia is being moved. most likely to June 2014. we’re hoping this will result in more fans enjoying this rare opportunity and perhaps an additional date or two. we will announce the new tour dates soon. for all of you who already have tickets, we thank you very much and apologize for the wait, but your tickets will be honored of course.

All tickets purchased are valid for the June dates, so you don’t need to exchange them if you still want to go. If you can’t make the new date you need to request your refund before 31 January 2014 at your agency of purchase.

Revised Crimson ProjeKCT 2014 Australian Tour Dates:

  • Melbourne, The Hi-Fi – Thursday, 26 June 2014
  • Sydney, The Hi-Fi, Friday, 27 June 2014
  • Brisbane, The Hi-Fi, Saturday, 28 June 2014
  • Perth – TBA (apparently sometime over the next 10 days the shows will be re-ticketed)
  • Auckland, NZ – under review due to scheduling, more news to come from 6 January 2014 (see The 13th Floor for more info)

If you hear about the new dates in Perth or Auckland please post a comment with the new date so other folk can find out.

In other news, Belew also mentioned he is recording a new song Life Will Bite You (In Your Sleep). It sounds influenced by the shitty year Belew had in 2013 being kicked out of King Crimson and the Nine Inch Nails tour! He said as much in his last post for 2013:

Goodbye 2013!

I have to say, I’m happy to see you go. back in January you held such promise; a big name world tour and the security of big name world tour money and exposure.
instead you became the year I lost my position in not one, but two major rock bands.
the year in which i I learned firsthand that “life is not a beach. life is a mountain”.

Poor Adrian. Poor me. I hate rescheduled shows, it feels like I’ve waited long enough already! Impatient, this one is. Shut up, Gollum!

Adrian Belew live 8 November 2006 (Photo by Burt aka Bam0027 on Flickr)

Adrian Belew live 8 November 2006 (Photo by Burt aka Bam0027 on Flickr)

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