Video: Helmet Unsung Music Clip

2013 gig highlight #1: Hearing Helmet play Unsung. Finally.

I missed the boat on seeing Helmet live back in 1993 as I was only a teen with bugger all spare cash. The other times they came to Australia I was less interested than I would have been in the early-to-mid 90’s to see them.

I had The Crow Soundtrack in 1992 (who didn’t, it rocked?), and I was a bit mad for Milquetoast. I can recall watching the music clip repeatedly over and over, probably until I wore out the video tape and you could start to see the lines across the screen. Yes, I’m that old school, I had a VCR!

Video: Helmet Milquetoast Music Clip

Luckily, they played both songs when I got to see them at The Hi-Fi in Melbourne last December. But I forgot how amazing Unsung was until I heard it live.

Sure, only one-quarter of Helmet remains in the band of today, that being lead singer and guitarist Page Hamilton, who is a sarcastic and funny dude that sings and plays well even today. When the gig finally wrapped up I was kicking myself that I had never seen Helmet earlier.

I’ve seen John Stanier (ex-Helmet drummer) who is now in the Aussie band The Mark of Cain heaps of times. They always impress. Helmet still do as well, and that was my lesson learnt from 2013.

Oh, and I also discovered at that show that Page detested meeting one of his idols at the 1993 Big Day Out (see full line-up).

I’ve looked at the line-up from 1993 and I’ve narrowed down the possible idols who fell from grace as:

a) Iggy Pop (The Stooges)

b) Tex Perkins (Beasts of Bourbon)

c) Nick Cave (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds)

Granted in 1993 I can’t be sure any of them were clean, so that could be partly the issue.

Who do we think was the douche bag? Vote now!

Page Hamilton from Helmet live at The Key Club, April 18, 2008 Photo by: Hooch and Sex Pistols, Flickr

Page Hamilton from Helmet live at The Key Club, April 18, 2008
Photo by: Hooch and Sex Pistols, Flickr

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  1. Meantime is one of my favourite albums!

    • noisynoodle says:

      Then you won’t want to know Helmet also played In The Meantime and it sounded awesome too! If Page and John Stanier are on speaking terms at all they need to get Helmet and The Mark of Cain to play a show together, would be one of the best nights ever!

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