Video: Melvins Perform Queen Live (Belgium, European Tour 2011)

2013 gig highlight #2: Anytime you see the Melvins live is a good year. When you see the Melvins live with two drummers, it’s an even better year! Not that 2013 was that amazing otherwise in terms of years, but let’s give thanks where it is warranted.

Of course, it was a Melvins/Helmet split show in December following the Meredith Festival 2013 where I saw Melvins one night, and for a tiny $20 extra I got to see Helmet the following night. Happy times!

I am now particularly thankful whenever I manage to secure a ticket to see the Melvins as I still feel bitter over missing out on the gig they played at The Cherry Bar in Melbourne. The year they supported Tool* at Rod Laver Arena, and guitarist extraordinaire Adam Jones turned up to their gig! Insert expletives here…

Breathe deeply, it’s okay. I have seen Melvins live many times and despite melting to within an inch of my life in 39 degree temperatures I did see them play the most insane summer day (yes, a daytime gig!) when they played all of Houdini at the Ding Dong Lounge.

I’ve even wished Buzzo a good day once when he walked out the front entrance(!) of a Fantomas gig at The Palace** on his way to his next adventure.

Buzzo is so utterly cool, he can leave any door he damn well likes!

Melvins/Helmet Australian Tour December 2013

Melvins/Helmet Australian Tour December 2013

* Yes, I did have tickets to see the Tool show (luckily on the floor of Rod Laver) with the Melvins. It was a pretty good day!

** The original Palace in St Kilda that burned down, not the new one that was the Metro. Confused much?

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