Video: Kirin J Callinan Love Delay Live (The Crown, Baltimore, 20 October 2013)

2013 gig highlight #6: Kirin J Callinan’s crazy noise, art, comedy show performance supporting Natasha Khan’s Bat for Lashes. Apart from the fictional TV character Dexter who carries latex gloves in their back pocket? Mr Callinan!

Yes, this knowledge both amused and disturbed me much at the Palais Theatre, Melbourne on 5 February 2013 when I first witnessed the confrontational Kirin J Callinan live.

You can imagine many of the audience members getting into their chairs the hour before Bat for Lashes was due to appear on stage, and then barely half a song later of Mr Callinan they arise and quickly get the fuck out!

I didn’t, I stayed. His “act” intrigued me. I like noise. I like art. I like comedy. What’s there not to like about Kirin? Okay, perhaps Kirin in his undies.

The Way II War clip [**seizure warning**] did scar me for life. Why for did the child also have to suffer?

Kirin’s live act was noisy, bizarre, interesting, challenging, hilarious, and some parts of what the fuck?

I look forward to inflicting his act again upon my eyeballs. Please, no close-ups of your balls in undies.

Kirin J Callinan live at Fader Fort, 19 October 2012. Photo by: Nev Brown, Flickr:

Kirin J Callinan live at Fader Fort, 19 October 2012. Photo by: Nev Brown, Flickr:

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