Video: The Afghan Whigs: Honky’s Ladder Clip

16 years since their last album 1965 (1998) was released Cincinatti’s soulful rockers The Afghan Whigs have confirmed they have new music in the pipelines. Do To The Beast is due to hit the vanishing record store shelves on 14 April 2014, released by Sub Pop.

The band are also playing the Coachella Festival in 2014 having had a run of reformation gigs in 2012. I caught their 2012 Lollapoolza gig in Chicago which was streamed online and I thought it respectable for a band without 14 years of match practice. Before we declare our next hand let’s wait and see what the album is like!

Bob Odenkirk (Saul Goodman) from the greatest TV show of all time Breaking Bad called the new material early a few days ago when he was hanging out with frontman Greg Dulli.

In the meantime, enjoy the trippy clip of Honky’s Ladder from Black Love (1996).

Afghan Whigs - Do To The Beast Cover, Source:

Afghan Whigs – Do To The Beast Cover, Source:

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