Video: Savages Perform I Am Here Live

What’s better than a great album? A great album played fantastically live. English 4-piece Savages are able to deliver both. Their debut album Silence Yourself was released in May 2013 to widespread acclaim (#3 on my best of), and their live shows are considered in such high regard.

Taking their time to walk out on stage at The Hi-Fi in Melbourne on 30 January 2014 through a fog of smoke, Savages opened their set with the ever-present I Am Here.

Jehnny Beth’s vocals rang out “Oohh, I Am Here and There” across the room and some of us quivered. Then the crash of Fay Milton’s drums enveloped our ears, along with the creepy bass lines of Ayse Hassan, and Gemma Thompson’s beautiful noise making guitar.

From that minute on we knew were we witnessing something special that night. Beth is a force of nature on the microphone, with a stunning capability to belt out a tune or quietly seduce you, coupled with dance moves that are one-part Peter Garrett (Midnight Oil) and two-parts a sexy French woman (which she is!).

Savages play meticulously focused. Each of the band members are also interesting to watch perform with their instruments, getting into the zone and hitting home runs. Moving through City’s Full, Shut Up, Strike, Waiting For A Sign with aplomb, the show improved significantly as they played each track from Silence Yourself. We also enjoyed an interlude made up of poetry and noise in the form of hearing I Need Something New.

The energy and intensity of the band was palpable, in particular, the songs No Face and She Will sounded much more impressive live than on their recordings. They also decided to cover a song from a local act from Melbourne, the female led noise-rock band HTRK which was greatly appreciated by the crowd.

The tale of violence and power in Hit Me presented a strange track to enjoy immensely live, but I did. Crowd favourite was the pulsating Husbands which was elongated for the show with a tricky repeating intro and the beat drove the crowd further wild until its conclusion.

Beth in her cute blend of French and English accent recounted a short tale of a friend who left her with an encouraging note “Don’t Let The Fuckers Get You Down” in the aptly named, Fuckers. The new song was noisy and energetic and has me in high hopes for album number two.

No encore. Fuckers!

Savages - Silence Yourself album cover

Savages – Silence Yourself album cover

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  1. scottnavicky says:

    Great Midnight Oil reference! I didn’t expect that!

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