Video: Run The Jewels Perform Sea Legs (Live @ The Log Cabin)

Killer songs, killer banter, and killer entertainment from Run The Jewels at the Laneway Festival, in Melbourne (1 February 2014). Killer Mike, El-P and DJ Trackstar invited us to come along and have a great time. What more do you want at a festival gig? I even saw Killer Mike do his little dance!

Charismatic Mike was naturally decked out in his ‘Do Dope Fuck Hope’ t-shirt. Do they sell those at the merch stand? If so, I suspect they would make a small fortune!

Rappers Killer Mike and El-P pumped their classic sounds from their epic Run The Jewels released in 2013. We heard the guys kill Banana Clipper*, Run The Jewels, 36″ Chain, DDFH, No Come Down, with Sea Legs being my highlight. The early set time in the hot sun didn’t deter a thousand strong crowd to be enjoying themselves, and raising their fists and chanting “Run The Jewels” on demand.

A fan in the crowd was invited up on stage for a song by El-P for bothering to make a cruddy sign to honour the band. Then they paid him out when he forgot to bring his shitty cardboard sign up with him, so they made him go back and get it. How embarrassment!

They confirmed album number two from Run The Jewels is definitely on the cards. Happy times! Killer Mike and El-P finished their set with the booty bouncing Get It, and despite it being a month late the final song of the day was A Christmas Fucking Miracle.

Tickets are still available for the Run The Jewels/Danny Brown/Earl Sweatshirt Laneway sideshow in Melbourne this Thursday 6 February and Sydney on Tuesday 4 February (see Ticketek for tickets).

Don’t leave your run too late as their Fool’s Gold Records labelmate Danny Brown from Detroit wears no seat belts as he’s from the ghetto!

Here’s a snap from the festivities (Photo by Casey Rice):

*Obviously sans Big Boi** (Outkast). Rumours abound that Outkast are heading to Australia for Splendour in the Grass, so I’m planting the seed that Outkast bring Run The Jewels back with them so Banana Clipper can be played in full glory!

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