Video: Daughter Perform Home Live @ Metro Theatre, Sydney (24 July 2013)

English 3-piece Daughter delighted their fans on their Heavenly Sounds tour of churches and cathedrals while in Melbourne, Australia. Daughter performed at the St Michael’s Uniting Church (10 February 2014) which was originally built in 1839 as the first permanent church building constructed during the Port Phillip Settlement.

A stunningly designed building by Joseph Reed which was rebuilt in 1866 after the original chapel was demolished. Reed also designed some of the most iconic buildings in the Melbourne CBD, including the Melbourne Town Hall and the Exhibition Building. The stained glass windows in the church alone had me in awe. Any wonder why this building is listed in the National Trust under the highest rating! Melbournites, get yourself to this church for a bit of architecture porn.

But I digress, back to the Daughter performance. We unfortunately turned up at the advertised time on the ticket but were still ushered up to the balcony. Bummer, I thought. Who knew the doors opened at 6.30pm? Don’t lie to me on tickets!

I was squinting through dim lighting to see the best advantage point on the balcony and I was suitably content with my friend’s choice of sitting directly above the stage. Seating crisis averted.

However my luck from the previous 24 hours continued (*cough* The National lap of honour), when during the support act Vancover Sleep Clinic my friend nudged me to say the mysterious people sitting in the rope cordoned off balcony pews looked very much like Elena Tonra and her band, Daughter.

I squinted through the fog of poor lighting, and indeed she was correct… 15ft away was the very lady who wrote my favourite album of 2013! D’oh, I had no pen nor a slick silver texta to use to grab an autograph on the dark promotional flyer left on our seats. Sigh. Let it go, Noodle, just enjoy the performance later.

Daughter disappeared from the balcony the second the support act concluded, and with my hopes dashed, they began preparing for their own set. Candles were lit in front of the massive church organ pipes, a black cloth lay covering the church altar (lest someone felt the need to slaughter a goat), and the band’s sea of distortion pedals were revealed.

Vocalist and guitarist Elena Tonra, drummer Remi Aguilella, and guitarist Igor Haefeli stepped out on stage to a welcoming audience, with their touring musician in tow (on keyboards and guitar). The opening song was the lively Still, which was how the audience remained for the rest of the concert, stuck to our chairs for fear of behaving unruly in the church of God! Years of repression are very subtle.

The second song was my personal favourite Love (last track on The Wild Youth EP), which was followed by If You Leave’s brilliant opener, Winter. They also performed a few older tracks during the show, including Candles and Landfill from their His Young Heart EP.

Predominantly the show contained tracks from If You Leave. Elena joked that they would “try to play a track” from their album that they don’t play often, because a band playing one of their own tracks is such a foreign concept. Touch proved to be the track, which they avoided playing as their last attempt was such a disaster.

The audience gently encouraged the band to perform Touch, and showered the band with volumes of applause when they manage to complete the tune without incident.

Having toured across the UK in another bunch of churches, groovy Igor advised they were quite pleased the weather proved to be warmer than the freezing temperatures they experienced in the UK were they almost lost limbs every day.

Elena was very giggly and shy on the night (and possibly at every gig they perform) and she and Remi used tuning time to improvise their next bass heavy song. Ever chatty Igor mentioned that after the show (their final show in Australia) they would head home to England to potentially write some new music for Daughter!

Hearing Daughter play Smother in the confines of a grand church, was the standout highlight of the gig for me. I think I even looked passed the altar when Elena uttered “In the darkness I will meet my creators, and they will all agree that I’m a suffocater”. Was there a creator in the room at that very instant as I was sure I was having chills?

The last song before the encore Home (The Wild Youth EP), was also another great energetic moment from the show.

The encore consisted of a great B-side called Smoke which I hadn’t heard before, but will need to hunt down, and then they finished with their cover of Daft Punk’s Get Lucky. Sadly, I fucking hate Daft Punk!

Daughter appeared to be very grateful the entire performance, repeatedly thanking the audience for attending the show. I was just as thankful they come out for a lovely performance in such a beautiful location!


  • Still
  • Love
  • Winter
  • Candles
  • Shallows 
  • Landfill 
  • Touch 
  • Human 
  • Smother 
  • Amsterdam 
  • Tomorrow 
  • Youth 
  • Home


  • Smoke (B-Side)
  • Get Lucky (Daft Punk cover)

Thanks to fellow blogger Blathering for advising of the Daughter pre-sale. You’re a superstar!

My unsigned Daughter Heavenly Sounds Flyer :(

My unsigned Daughter Heavenly Sounds Flyer 😦

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  1. Blathering says:

    Glad to have helped! I thought this was a fantastic gig, such a beautiful setting – like you I found myself staring at the stained glass windows as the church darkened. I really liked Vancouver Sleep Clinic too, a sound a bit like Bon Iver meets Pink Floyd! Both bands were terribly polite! Daughter came across as surprisingly down-to-earth & friendly. Somehow the shy, giggling Elena seemed like a different person to the woman who sings such heart-wrenching lyrics. It was a really great concert!

    • noisynoodle says:

      My friend said the same thing about Elena and her shyness when speaking! She was the same at Laneway. Yes, I heard Bon Iver & James Vincent McMorrow at times. Very great show!

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