Video: Down Perform Stone The Crow Live

Down, the original stoner rock supergroup, returned to Australia after 6 long years. They were warmly welcomed by the Melbourne crowd at The Palace on 27 February 2014 who were evenly split 50/50 between Down and Alice in Chains fans.

Lead by one of the most iconic men of metal, Phil Anselmo (Pantera), Down bashed out their greatest hits set (Hail The Leaf, Witchtripper, Bury Me In Smoke, Stone The Crow) with much love for their fans. From the first song the band were giving it 110% the way exceptional musos do.

Phil spent the show bashing his microphone into his head and chatting to the crowd (sometimes miming along to the lyrics Marcel Marceau style). Guitarists, Pepper Keenan (Corrosion of Conformity), Bobby Landgraf (Down’s former guitar tech) and bass player Patrick Bruders (Crowbar, Goatwhore) rocked out every minute of the show, and Jimmy Bower (Eyehategod, Crowbar) banged it out loudly on drums. The sound was big!

During the show Phil dedicated the show to friends that had passed away: Layne Staley and Mike Starr (Alice in Chains), and his former bandmate, Pantera guitarist extraordinaire Dimebag Darrell who naturally drew the biggest acknowledgement from the crowd (as the poor dude died doing what he loved best, playing guitar).

One crafty fan made a special cloth banner for Down with the words ‘Down: Bury Us In Smoke’ which Phil wrapped around himself until the end of the show. I suspect it might have brought a tear to Phil’s eye.

Down closed the set with Bury Me In Smoke and seamlessly swapped instruments with members from support act The Walking Papers (Duff McKagan of Guns n’ Roses fame) and with New York City’s own funk metal troop, Living Colour! Phil also advised that fellow Soundwave Festival metallers Testament and Satyricon were also hanging out backstage, quite the party methinks!

At the Soundwave Festival performance the following night Phil implied Down might return to Australia after taking a straw poll with the audience members. Living Colour also closed the festival after 10pm in a small tent (when they deserved better) with the boys from Down jamming up on stage with them!

Down are to release a new 6-track EP Down IV – Part Two on 13 May 2014 recorded in Phil’s home studio. They are also on tour in the US during May 2014 (see tour dates & EP details).

Down perform with Living Colour & The Walking Papers at The Palace, Melbourne, 27 February 2014

Down perform with Living Colour & The Walking Papers at The Palace, Melbourne, 27 February 2014, Source:

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