Video: Comedian Khaled Khalafalla Performs @ Raw Comedy 2011

I mentioned earlier in the week that I saw comedian Khaled Khalafalla late last year and he had me and my friends in stitches while the rest of the crowd were pale with worry. I think he mentioned killing babies on stage, or something to that affect (I probably had a few drinks, I may be misrepresenting his joke). Trust me, it was funny.

Khaled performed well a few years back at Raw Comedy 2011 which is a chance for new comedians right across Australia to get their first leg up into comedy. I always try to catch Raw Comedy, but the winner isn’t always reflective of the most inspiring comedians on the night.

However, in 2011 Khaled was honoured as the Raw Comedy Runner-Up as fellow Victorian comedian Dayne Rathbone took home the 2011 gong with his clever character routine which was like a South African Norman Gunston (Garry McDonald’s 20-year character love affair).

It doesn’t mean that Khaled isn’t a talented new comedian in his own right. I encourage you to get out and see him live. Especially if you are sick and laugh at jokes about dead babies.

Khaled Khalafalla is performing at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival 26 March – 20 April 2014.

Comedian Khaled Khalafalla, Source:

Comedian Khaled Khalafalla, Source:

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