Video: Comedian Sam Simmons Dating Video

Triple J regular comedian Sam Simmons is carving it up overseas with his homie Conan O’Brien. His TV sketch show Problems is known for lots of randomness (talking sofa moths, weird shop keepers, and human pussycats) and shows off the glory of the Heidelberg Mall in Melbourne so it ticks a lot of comedy boxes.

You all know I have a knack for accidentally (and intentionally*) bumping into celebrities. It is pretty easy to do at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival as for a month every year comedians from all over the world descend upon Melbourne like a pack of hyenas stalking their prey.

I’ve bumped into too many comedians over the years to mention them all, but I’ll always remember my first. Mr Billy Connolly. Sometime in 1991-92 when I idolised him very much and he was the BIGGEST comedian in the world. He crossed the road in Elizabeth Street, Melbourne with his wild hair flowing in the wind and I almost stopped in the middle of the road mouth gaping wide.

I was only a young teen and here was this Scottish comedy legend running across the road in my direction. Argh! He was younger then, so he was too quick and nimble for me to accost him for an autograph or a weird hug with a stranger. But I know deep down that he would have been so up for it.

Then a year or so ago, I bumped into Aussie comedian Sam Simmons in a coffee shop not far from the hub of the Comedy Festival. We made small talk and I “think” I creeped him out with my knowledge of his success abroad as he soon ran away in search of a can of Red Bull.

Can you imagine that I creeped out Sam Simmons? The dude dons a seedy mo’ and tight running shorts. The look he is projecting is child molester, and I creeped him out?

Anyway, despite his seedy attire and his disdain for small talk I think he is hilarious. Enjoy the flipcharts.

Video: Sam Simmons ABC2 Comedy Up Late

Sam Simmons is on tour in Brisbane, Perth and Sydney until May 2014, and at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival from March-April.

* I haven’t disclosed the intentional celebrity meeting stories as yet. Relax, in time I will. The stories are so goddamn amazing it might require a pay wall. I could add a whole chapter to Anthony Kiedis’ revealing bio Scar Tissue.

Comedian Sam Simmons, Source:

Comedian Sam Simmons, Source:

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