Video: David O’Doherty Live Performance: We Are Not The Champions

One man and his keyboard. David O’Doherty is the cheesiest comedian you will ever see, and you will love every minute of it. No money back guarantees.

I have seen O’Doherty live a couple of times, each time was enjoyable and I walked away with very sore cheeks. The seats at The Hi-Fi are pretty uncomfortable. No, I jest. I might have even cried with laughter at one point.

A strangely dressed Irishman with a tiny electronic keyboard is a recipe for disaster laughter. Full of cultural references each sentence of his show is a joke. You’ll miss every second joke if you laugh too loud, so shut up those of you with annoying over-exaggerated laughs that ruin laugh tracks (Noisy Noodle I’m looking at you*).

David O’Doherty Will Try To Fix Everything at the 2014 Melbourne International Comedy Festival (27 March – 20 April). Extra show for 12-18 year olds.

* I’m either getting existential here, or holding up a mirror. Perhaps I’ve been watching The United States of Tara too much.

David O'Doherty taunting the fishes, Source:

David O’Doherty taunting the fishes, Source:

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