Video: Comedian Jason Byrne @ 2014 Melbourne International Comedy Festival Gala.

Merkins. Balls. Underpants. Say no more, Irish comedian Jason Byrne is back in town! Bringing his filthy merkin to Melbourne and swinging his balls around.

Jason Byrne is giving his fans the opportunity to win $1,000 if they name his Comedy Festival show, and for my two cents I think Pearl Jam’s 1995 split single with Neil Young sums it up perfectly: Merkinball.

While it is still the preview week of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Byrne’s show (26 March 2014) lacked the crazy stage antics he is known for of embarrassing audience members with silly routines. Never fear, I trust he will concoct some spontaneous routines later in the festival run as I saw he did last year.

A word of advice, don’t turn up early. Apparently Mr Byrne likes to stalk his victims from behind the red curtain prior to the show. Last year we bumped into Byrne (lovely chap) a few nights before our ticketed show, and I was shitting bricks that he would recognise us and drag us up on stage. Luckily our tickets were far too shit for that nightmare to eventuate.

Also, don’t turn up late, as he also enjoys pointing the finger at any latecomers. Don’t go to the toilet mid-show, just sit in your fucking chair and shut-up (now I’m sounding like him)!

Despite all Byrne’s dancing about with merkins it truly is a great show. Byrne is able to find amusement in any stupid response from the crowd, is good at pinching patrons Maltesers and he does a farking mean Australian accent.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 Merkins (and I don’t even give out Merkins usually)

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Comedian Jason Byrne, Source:

Comedian Jason Byrne, Source:


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