Video: Paul Foot @ 2012 Melbourne Comedy Festival Gala

English comedian Paul Foot is tearing up The HiFi stage with his silly physical comedy for the 2014 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. He is also engaging our white matter with intriguing questions about life and morality.

Foot shows off his clever mind throughout the show, but his love for the absurd always wins out. His “disturbances” are one line absurdities he reads from a card accompanied by crazy pictures he has hand-drawn. Collectors items, I’m sure.

During the show I attended (30 March 2014) there was quite a bit more of interaction with the crowd than I (or even Foot himself probably) anticipated. One punter derailed the show for an extra 5-10 minutes with his probing questions following the silly question Foot posed to said punter. It was a tangent that Foot enjoyed exploring further showing off his improvisational skills.

It was a joy to watch Foot elicit pure bundles of laughter from audience members with his crazy walking and talking antics. It is the type of laughter that is uncontrollable and could have you in stitches for half an hour if you didn’t have the rest of the show to listen to.

Paul Foot’s absurd view of life won’t be to everyone’s liking, but if you are a fan of comedy and the slightly deranged he is definitely a comedian you need to see.

Paul Foot’s Words will be on at the Melbourne Comedy Festival until 20 April 2014.

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Paul Foot publicity shot, Source:

Paul Foot publicity shot, Source:



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