Video: Comedian Doc Brown Everybody’s Racist on Russell Howard’s Good News.

Rap. Sexism. Racialists. English comedian Doc Brown brought along his interesting perspectives of all three in his show Of Mic and Men at the Melbourne Comedy Festival (6 April 2014).

You may have seen Ben (aka ‘Doc’) Brown as a guest comedian on Russell Howard’s Good News, as an actor on Ricky Gervais’ brilliant and sweet sitcom Derek (or Law & Order: UK), or you might have known him in his past life as a rapper. As a comedian he weaves all three elements perfectly on stage from his limber facial expressions, to astute reflections on life, and to his unique and clever raps.

During the show Doc considers his time as a rapper and whether he was cut out to be that angry, he unveils the truth behind his name ‘Doc’, and he exposes himself as a thoughtful father who worries about what impression marketing will have on his two daughters.

Doc effortlessly slips into several raps during his performance which not only helps brake up the normal flow of a stand-up routine, but by the end of the show you feel thoroughly entertained and wanting more (lest the Comedy Festival ushers weren’t so efficient at running a tight ship you’d probably be screaming for an encore).

But… it was a Sunday night. We can’t chant for encores after 8.30pm, or we’ll all turn into pumpkins. Look it up, it’s a fairy tale of some kind.

Doc Brown is on the mic at the Victoria Hotel for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival until 20 April 2014. Just don’t call him cool. He’s too cool to accept the truth.

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Doc Brown promo poster, Source:

Doc Brown promo poster, Source:


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