Video: Chris Lilley in Jonah From Tonga Coming Soon to ABC.

Australian comedian Chris Lilley’s next blockbuster TV series Jonah From Tonga is about to be screened within weeks on ABC iView. The ABC ads told me so a couple of nights ago. Starting from 6pm, Friday 2 May Jonah From Tonga will be aired exclusively on iView for 3 days (2-4 May 2014) with the release of all 6 episodes available in one binge fest.

2 May could also be the day Jonah From Tonga crashes the internets. If not, then don’t call me that weekend, as I’ll be in fits of laughter on the floor from silly penis jokes!

Jonah Takalua was the star of Summer Heights High and of all Lilley’s characters most deserves his own half hour of entertainment. Ja’mie won the first battle, with the release of Ja’mie: Private School Girl last year which again showed off Lilley’s nice legs comedic talents.

Jonah takes you back to your teenage years in high school and reminds you of what may have been the funniest time of your life – listening to the dickheads in your classroom make your teacher cry, wince and laugh all at the same time.

Chris Lilley will be visiting the UK to promote the show next week, so get your breakdance helmets on.

Jonah From Tonga will screen on ABC iVew 6pm, Friday 2 May – Sunday 4 May 2014. BBC3 will also air the show on the BBC iPlayer.

Followed by the free-to-air screening on ABC1 from Wednesday 7 May 2014, and also on the BBC in early May.

ABC iView is available on smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and gaming consoles.

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Chris Lilley in Jonah From Tonga and Jonah's new boy band, Source:

Chris Lilley in Jonah From Tonga and Jonah’s new boy band, Source:


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