Video: Augie March Perform This Train Will Be Taking No Passengers Live on JTV Live, Forum Theatre, Melbourne (9 October 2008)

Melbourne indie-rock stalwarts Augie March are set to return with a new album in 2014. I know this because they released a new track called After The Crack Up yesterday on iTunes. Apologies for my tardiness, but you know, the 2014 World Cup is on and thus sleep deprivation and a lack of blogging ensue.

The album took two and a half years for the lads to kindly craft together in singer Glenn Richards’ home studio in Tasmania. Augie March have teamed up again with producer Paul McKercher (Sunset Studies, Strange Bird and Moo, You Bloody Choir). According to ‘The Good Gardener’ on the Augie March website the album will be accessible from your computer* later this year.

Listen to the new track After The Crack Up on Soundcloud:

For those of you from lands afar from Australia, Augie March are the folks who brought you One Crowded Hour. You might be wishing the new album produces another one of those fine moments, but I’ll be hoping for a song they can bring the house down with like they do with This Train Will Be Taking No Passengers.

The last time I saw them perform the song was at the Melbourne Big Day Out and damn it was beautiful when a train went right by the stage during the song!

I’m off to bite someone watch some more soccer football…

*If you have one. You might not. You might have a fancy watch that accesses the internet, or one of those internet fridges that calls and orders you a pizza** when you have nothing left to eat.

** This may not be what internet fridges do, but I’m putting the idea out there for mankind, as once an idea is eloquently captured in written form people in the future make it happen. You’re welcome future kind!

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Augie March, Source:


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  1. Blathering says:

    They have some great songs. The Night is a Blackbird is one of the most beautiful songs ever. I can hardly listen to it nowadays (since the death of my brother) without tearing up a bit at the lines: “his father misses him, his mother misses him, his lady dreams of kissing him…..bring the sun back.” Hmm….time to pull out Strange Bird for a listen.

    • noisynoodle says:

      That is such a sad and beautiful song, I can totally understand how it makes you tear up about your brother. Glenn has that knack of penning and delivering a lyric that touches a raw nerve.

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