Video: Chet Faker Performs Talk Is Cheap Live on Triple J (4 July 2014)

Chet Faker brought home some Gold on Tuesday night (1 July 2014) when he played in his hometown of Melbourne at The Forum. He gave us a world exclusive live performance of his song Gold!

It was a gift of thanks for selling out his first show in Melbourne, which unfortunately had to be rescheduled due to Chet catching a bout of laryngitis. He also thanked his Melbourne fanbase for originally supporting his music and allowing him to be a successful independent artist beholden to no record label.

I also enjoyed listening to his tirade about putting your mobile phone away at his shows and just getting into the music. He must subscribe to the Savages girls ethos. Me too. Get your mobile outta my face or I might get all Mr Miyagi on you.

Chet and I also have something else in common. We both like Jeff Buckley. I discovered this because he introduced a cover of Buckley’s (and Shudder To Think’s) I Want Someone Badly (First Love, Last Rites Soundtrack) as an artist he enjoyed listening to when he was younger.

I quite enjoyed Chet’s rendition of the song, which is one of Buckley’s most soulful tunes, short of Everybody Here Wants You which totally oozes soul. I think it was the highlight of a pretty great show by Mr Faker.

Of course Chet also played No Diggity, I’m Into You, To Me, and all your favourites*. I was surprised to find that the guitar ditty in Dead Body comes across better live than the Pink Floyd cheesiness I can hear on Built On Glass.

It was also cool to have some other musicians up on stage to feed more energy to Chet during a few of his newer tracks. A Noodle can only watch someone from behind the desk** for so long without falling into a coma.

Chet continues on his non-stop tour across Europe and the USA until November 2014 (see Tour Dates), when he’ll have time off for Christmas. Or at least I think that’s what the Blues Brother dude said today on Triple J. Shake your tail feather!

* I don’t really guarantee he played all your favourites. I know how picky you can be!
** I once saw Aphex Twin put himself into a coma performing behind his own desk.

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Chet Faker Live at The Social, Fitzrovia, London May 2012, Photo by Kasper Vogelzang, Source:

Chet Faker Live at The Social, Fitzrovia, London May 2012, Photo by Kasper Vogelzang, Source:


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