Video: Luxury Comedy Season 2 Preview

Luxury Comedy Season 2 began airing on Channel 4 in the UK a few days ago with creator/writer/director/actor/mr funny pants Noel Fielding (Mighty Boosh), and the regular cast members including his brother Michael Fielding, Dolly Wells, Tom Meeten, and Fantasy Man.

Yes, that’s right, Fantasy Man is definitely coming back, I’ve seen the photos to prove it!

The new series takes place in a coffee shop in Hawaii on the top of a volcano. Of course it does, where else would you host the surreal antics of this cast of crazies?

In other good news, Noel Fielding has stated out aloud that he would like to do a Mighty Boosh film with his partner in crime, Julian Barratt. However, Barratt is too busy at the moment to commit.

Thus, I will don my man in the moon voice and sing along to Fantasy Man’s club classic until the film is released. Or until I’m captured, whichever comes first!

Fantasy Man performs Loose Tapestries:

I’m awaiting details of when ABC2 in Australia will air Luxury Comedy.

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Luxury Comedy's Fantasy Man, Source:

Luxury Comedy’s Fantasy Man, Source:


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