Red Fang Absolute Music Bunker Session Cover, Source:

Red Fang Absolute Music Bunker Session Cover, Source:

Portland’s zombie-loving-rockers Red Fang entered the Team Rock Studios (London, UK) in March 2014 to record a few ditties for our listening pleasure (I was going to say self-pleasure but that sounded a bit seedy).

The guys are currently on a long hot tour of Europe before they head home at the end of the month for a few shows.

The free download comprises of 6-tracks, but really, it is only 3 different songs by my astute mathematical calculations:

  1. Failure (Acoustic)
  2. Human Herd (Acoustic)
  3. Malverde (Acoustic)
  4. Failure (Whales and Leeches Album Version)
  5. Human Herd (Murder The Mountains Album Version)
  6. Malverde (Murder The Mountains Album Version)

I encourage you to cash in your chips and get your free download today, as stuff disappears off the internet everyday.

Today you’ll enjoy that hilarious cat video and tomorrow it will be long gone as some crazy cat lady has forgotten to play her bills and her cats eat through her house and figure out how to hack into Google and reclaim their privacy.

They brought down the Egyptian Empire for godsake, do you really think they can’t figure out search algorithms?


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