Video: Banks Performs Warm Water Live on Black Cab Sessions

Jillian Rose Banks aka Banks is a 26-year-old singer from Los Angeles who released her first album Goddess in early September, and didn’t it slap me across the face and call me stupid? Her name had been all over the internets for ages (12 months is ages), and all I’d given was a a cursory, yeah whatever.

Luckily, I sat down one night with an open mind and proceeded to watch one music clip of another of Banks, and gradually I became more and more impressed. Who is this woman with this crazy good voice, lots of bass and sassy lyrics about making soup for undeserving boys?

A few weeks later word was out that her album Goddess and I thought, yes, let’s support this awesome artist by sending my $16.99 (after Apple steals their 30% cut) to ensure she gets to make more glorious music. I’m very glad I did, as this album is hot full of great tracks from Begging For Thread, Brain, Waiting Game, Drowning, Warm Water and new songs you’ll grow to love just as much GoddessStick, and Someone New.

I splurged and purchased the deluxe version of Goddess, because I’m musically greedy and love to get me some extra tracks whenever bloody possible (I’m like Benico Del Toro’s wonderful Marvel character The Collector without the psychopathic tendencies). The deluxe version contains 4 extra tracks taken from her first two EPs Fall Over and London. Deluxe version aside, I’m pretty sure that an album compiled with this many great songs is a fucking rarity.

The worst the ‘official’ music critics have to say about this album is that it goes for too long. Bah! Some of us call that value for money. I’m not claiming Goddess will make your Top 10 albums of 2014, because it is only late September… and to be honest I never officially declare those wars until New Year’s Eve. Besides, you might not even be the type to understand the pure joy of making pointless lists.

Banks finds inspiration in the likes of singers Fiona Apple and Lauryn Hill (The Fugees), and I can definitely hear the influence of Apple in This Is What It Feels Like and most obviously in the way she bellows You Should Know Where I’m Coming From

Rumours abound that Banks might make her way back to Australia for the Laneway Festival in early 2015. Unfortunately, she will not be making any soup for naughty boys!

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Banks Goddess Cover

Banks Goddess Cover




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