Video: Fugazi Perform In Defense of Humans Live (c.1988)

Dischord are set to release a 26-year-old demo from Washington DC’s much-loved post-hardcore band Fugazi. Recorded at Inner Ear Studio in January 1988 and featuring 11 tracks, the nonchalantly titled First Demo once was the free demo that the band handed out on cassette at their shows to the glee of all their soon-to-be-fans.

The demo will be released on 18 November 2014, and will be available on CD, LP and mp3. Sorry, no cassettes for you authentic types.

First Demo track list:

1. Waiting Room
2. Merchandise
3. Furniture
4. Song #1
5. The Word
6. Badmouth
7. Break-In
8. Turn Off Your Guns
9. And The Same
10. In Defense of Humans
11. Joe #1

The only track version that has been previously released is the song, In Defense of Humans (State Of The Union Compilation). While Turn Off Your Guns was never even a part of the original cassette, so that is a bonus for y’all.

The album release is in celebration of the Fugazi Live Series website* which is almost finished round one of uploading live recordings of the band from over 900 performances.

I was at one of the 900 extraordinary shows, where I was putty from the sound of the first cow bell and subsequently my musical loins erupted in pure joy… just as if there was a little Guy Picciotto prancing around inside my heart. If you were there you’d know what I mean.

* Which is one of the greatest musical archiving projects known to man noodle.

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Fugazi First Demo Cover

Fugazi First Demo Cover


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