Video: Deltron 3030 City Rising From The Ashes Music Video #2

Del Tha Funkee Homosapien, Dan The Automator Nakamura and Kid Koala aka Deltron 3030 are heading to Australia for the first time in 2015, need I say anymore?

The smoothest rapper Del, the producer extraordanaire Dan The Automator, and the turntablist virtuoso, Kid Koala don’t just fall onto a tour together. Their self-titled debut album was made back in 2000, and their follow-up album Event II was separated by a long and dreary 13 years in some society where the technicolour of Breaking Bad cinematography did nary exist.

Albums came and albums went but they did not teach you anything about surviving in the post-Skynet world. Until Event II you were like a 14-year-old John Connor stuck in rut until your athletic mum told you to run away from some kind of killer metal bots. But I digress.

Deltron 3030. Put down your toys and just get ready to listen.

Deltron 3030 2014 Australian Tour Dates:

  • Wednesday 25 February, The Hi-Fi, Brisbane
  • Thursday 26 February, The Gov, Adelaide
  • Friday 27 February, The Hi-Fi, Melbourne
  • Saturday 28 February, The Hi-Fi, Sydney
  • Sunday 1 March, The Bakery Perth

Tickets go on sale 9am, 30 October 2014. See Metropolis Touring or venues for details.

Kid Koala will premiere his film Nufonia Must Fall at the Adelaide Festival (4-7 March 2015) along with a live piano, turntable, strings (The Afiara Quartet) and PUPPETS! Yes, puppets! An out-of-work robot strikes up a romance with a lonely office girl, how sweet!

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Deltron 3030 Australian Tour, Source:

Deltron 3030 Australian Tour, Source:


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